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ISO 29990

Que dit Daniel Graf, président ISO/TC 232 ?
Quality in Education and Training

International Standards such as the ISO 29990:2010 are very important for the development of quality within education and training. Aspects such as the quick development of markets (e-learning, blended learning etc.), the diversity of knowledge and the mobility of workers make it necessary, that international standards help to deal with these changing situations.

Management-Systems-Standards such as the ISO 29990 or the ISO 9001 are primarily guidelines for the development of companies. They name the different fields and aspects, which have to be taken into account by companies which want to ensure sustainable development. In addition to this, the ISO 29990 sets a focus on the improvement of learning services in every aspect. From the first planning of a training up to the final evaluation, requirements are set within the standard, to ensure a high quality of the learning services.

Each company that works with the ISO 29990 and fulfils its requirements, works on a high level of quality and shows the market, that it is working for a further development of the company and also of education.

The efforts taken by Aspect’O to become a certification body also show that inspiring attempt. The certification is the final aspect of working with international standards. It gives Learning Service Providers the possibility to be evaluated by a third party and create constant development by auditing. To become a certification body is a challenge, but to become an accredited certification body is even more challenging. A certification body which has an accreditation sets itself under evaluation by a third party to ensure quality also within the auditing process. From my point of view, that is the only way to ensure high quality for auditing processes and only certification bodies which are accredited are to be considered to become a trustworthy partner for auditing processes.

I congratulate Aspect’O for achieving this goal and wish them all the best for the future.

Daniel Graf
Chairman ISO/TC 232 – Learning Services outside formal education
Vice Chairman DIN NA 159-02-04 – Learning Services